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Annexation of Mission Park

Mission Park was annexed in 2014.  It is important to note, the Mission Park Neighborhood Association received no advance notice of the proposed annexation.  The first we learned about it was when our board members received the informational packets in the mail about the first week in July of 2014.  We knew annexation was inevitable within a few years, but we had no idea it would be occurring in 2014. Unfortunately, the City of Omaha has tremendous authority when it comes to annexation and there is very little that can be done to stop it.  They view this action as a way to grow the city and increase revenues.  The neighborhoods (Cinnamon Creek and Mission Pines) to our west and east are not slated for annexation at this time.

The City of Omaha mailed annexation packets to all Mission Park residents which contained various information regarding changes to area services, what changes area residents can expect and changes to area tax rates.  If you did not receive a packet, the city has informed us that residents can call the Mayor’s Hotline at 444-5555 to request a new packet.  You can also click here to view an online version of the annexation packet.

Basic Overview of Annexation

Proposed City Councilman:  Rich Pahls - (402) 444-5528 - Rich.Pahls@cityofomaha.org

Street maintenance and repair, park mowing and maintenance and common area maintenance will no longer be done by the Mission Park SID.  The City of Omaha will take over these services and the SID will be dissolved.  In addition, Douglas County will no longer do Mission Park snow removal or policing, the City of Omaha will take over these functions as well.  Fire service was already being done by the City of Omaha Fire Department.  Garbage collection fees are included in the City of Omaha tax rate so if you chose to use city garbage collection, there will not be a separate fee.  The City of Omaha’s garbage collection policies appear to be substantially different from the private haulers currently used throughout the neighborhood.  Please review your annexation packet for more information regarding garbage collection.  The city has informed us that more information will be given to homeowners in the coming weeks regarding pick up days.

According to information provided by the city, there will be a drop in resident property taxes due to a lower city property tax rate as compared to the SID property tax rate.  Please consult your annexation packet for more information regarding this topic.

Currently the Mission Park Homeowners Association is reviewing the full impact this proposed annexation will have on the services our residents have come to expect from our SID.  It may be necessary for the Mission Park Homeowners Association to supplement city service levels so that our neighborhood appearance remains strong.