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Please check out the COVENANTS section of our website about the ongoing renewal of our covenants
~ Neighborhood News ~
Posted on Jun 9th, 2016 Comments (0)
Protect Your Home Value and Your Neighborhood
If Mission Park’s covenants are not renewed in the coming months, they will expire.Covenants are a key tool used to protect your home’s value and your neighborhood.
Our homeowners association has made it a top priority to gather the necessary signatures to protect our neighborhood.If the required number of signatures are not collected by the upcoming deadline, there will be virtually no rules surrounding home ownership in our neighborhood.
Several residents have asked us about why this should concern them.Here are just a few examples of what could happen if covenants are no longer in place.
  • Broken down automobiles could be stored indefinitely in a driveway.
  • A home could be painted any color without restriction like pink, purple or red.
  • There would be no more maintenance of entrance markers, flower beds or sprinkler systems.
  • Supplemental mowing would no longer take place.
  • Street signs would no longer be maintained.
  • The park on Q Street would no longer be maintained.
These are just a few examples of the types of things that would happen if the neighborhood’s covenants expired.If you would like to read the proposed covenants, click on the “Covenants” tab on the left in the menu.
If you would like to protect your home value and your neighborhood, it is easy.There are two options that take less than 60 seconds.
  • You can stop by our signature table at any of our neighborhood entrances on August 19 from 11am to 4pm to sign.Please bring a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license.
  • You can send us an email using the “Contact Us” tab on the left and we will work with you to schedule a time for someone to stop by your house to get your signature(s).
Please note, each party listed on the property’s deed must sign in order to be valid.
Don’t delay time is running out!

~ FAQ's ~
Can I pay my annual dues online?
At this time, we are only accepting checks.  Costs for online services were excessive for an organization our size and did not eliminate any of our background accounting.  We will continue to evaluate this option for the future.
I am putting up a fence, who do I contact?
Please submit your plans to us for approval.  Also check out the covenants for required setbacks.  
How much are my annual dues and where do I send them?
Annual Dues for 2017
Invoices have been mailed to all lot owners for 2017 dues.  The dues are $75 for the calendar year and are payable no later than March 31.  Late penalties accrue after that date.  Please send checks to
Mission Park HOA
P.O. Box 45608
Omaha NE 68145
Please also include the lot number on your check - lot numbers are printed on the invoices.

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If you are a Mission Park Resident and want to list your home or lot for sale, please email us and we can add it to the website for FREE!

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